Taekwondo/Kickboxing Combos


I was doing some kickboxing moves at home and I realized that I do so many of my kicks and punches the way that I used to do them in taekwondo so I starting making up a few combinations so that the two styles can sort of blend in together rather than compete with one another.

1) There’s a combination in Boxing and Kickboxing called the “Jab-Cross”. It’s usually done from a boxing stance and the jab is done with the front hand while the cross is thrown out with the rear hand while the rear hip and foot twist in the same direction the hand moves toward. The method I made up was this: I do the jab just like a Kickboxer would do but then after the jab lands, I bend my front knee and drop down into a Taekwondo front stance (my hands are still up by the face for protection), and from this stance I twist the hip and throw a punch with my rear hand in cross fashion. Ta-Dah!


2) For this technique I combined Kickboxing’s horse stance with Taekwondo’s “elbow smash”. One of the things Kickboxing and Taekwondo have in common is the use of a horse stance. The one in Kickboxing is a little different though, the feet are only about shoulder width apart and the knees are only slightly bent; the drawback is that there is less power here than in Taekwondo’s horse stance so it is less stable, however, with a loss of stability comes an increase in mobility and so in Kickboxing’s horse stance, I can move more easily side-to-side (to help dodge punches). For this move to work have a partner throw some sort of straight punch in your direction while you are in your horse-stance (could be a jab, cross, or Karate/Taekwondo’s reverse punch). When they do this move to the side to dodge the punch by stepping to the side of it (always move first the foot that is closest to the direction in which you intend to go; if you move to the right, the right foot sidesteps first and then the left comes to meet it). If you dodged the punch successfully, use one of your hands to grab the back of your partner’s head and use to free arm to perform Taekwondo’s elbow smash (remember to go gently on your partner ┬ádon’t hurt him/her).


3) Last One…Low Roundhouse-Sidekick Combo (with the same leg). This one is easier than the others, but for a long time I was never able to use it in Taekwondo class. The first part involves striking your opponent or partner’s knee with a low roundhouse kick using your front/lead leg (in class we were never allowed to hit below the belt, so leg kicks were never used), and after it connects, follow through so that your leg sort of hooks under their’s and when it does that follow through hard so that you literally sweep one of your opponent’s/partner’s legs off the ground for a second. When that happens, chamber that same leg you just kicked with and throw out a nice straight side kick at them while they are off-balance (the side kick could be directed at whatever you want; remember to ask your partner if it’s okay first ).